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2 Two round moon clips clip for 45 acp S&W Governor



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If you want to purchase 50 RIMZ moon clips or MORE, I can give you a discount on these.

It all depends on what type of moon clip you want.

You can buy any amount OVER 50 for this price. This of course includes shipping to anywhere in the world.

 These prices are good WORLDWIDE.

We have in stock:

RIMZ 25...$1.60 Each

RIMZ 625...$1.55 Each

RIMZ 610...$1.60 Each

RIMZ 929...$2.60 Each

RIMZ 646...$1.85 Each


For example: If you want 50 RIMZ 25 moon clips, they are $1.60 each, so 50 X $1.60 is $80,

So you would just click on the BUY NOW button below and punch in $80,

Then be sure to leave me a note on which moon clip you want in PAY PAL.

There is a space to tell me what you want.




Click the Buy Now button below to pay for your bulk moon clips, just put in the $ amount.











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