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The RIMZ 25 moon clip and the RIMZ 625 moon clip are virtually the same moon clip. Both for 45 ACP.

The RIMZ 25 moon clip will NOT lose a round when dropped on a hard surface and you can still load and unload rounds with out tools.

The RIMZ 625 moon clip is made out of a more flexible polymer and is for range use only, and will lose a round when dropped on a hard surface, but is the easiest moon clip to load and unload. Still with you fingers only, no tools.

I am offering a SAMPLE PACK of 5 moon clips each...5 of the RIMZ 25 and 5 of the RIMZ 625 moon clips.

So you can see which one you like the best, both will fit the 45 ACP revolvers listed on this web site.

The RIMZ 25 will not fit the S&W Governor, but the RIMZ 625 will fit it., that is the only exception.

10 moon clips for 45 ACP revolvers, 5 of the RIMZ 25 and 5 of the RIMZ 625

for $25, includes shipping to anywhere in the USA...........

USA only    







INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS ONLY   shipped to anywhere in the World....$35....includes shipping     




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