RIMZ 986.. 9 mm

RIMZ 986 Hydrocarbon Polymer ( 7 shot ) Moon Clip


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For the S&W 986 Revolver

Also for the Taurus 692 in 9mm

Mark from Delaware tested out the RIMZ 986 moon clip on his Taurus 692 in 9 mm, Stainless 6.5 inch barrel  and they worked great!

Thanks to Glenn in Hinckley, OH. for being a tester of the RIMZ 986 moon clip on his Taurus 692 in 9 mm,Stainless 6.5 inch barrel, he said they worked great !

Whitney from Chicago tried out the RIMZ 986 in his Taurus 692 in 9mm and reported that the RIMZ 986 worked great!

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RIMZ 986.. 9 mm
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  (10) of the RIMZ 986 Hydrocarbon Polymer moon clips are $37.50 and that includes shipping to anywhere in the U.S.A.

     (10) RIMZ 986 polymer moon clips is the minimum purchase, and you may buy multiples of 10 when you get to Pay Pal...











Just email me your address and phone number ( International services need your phone number for some reason)

I will calculate your order price, moon clips plus shipping and get back to you.



10  RIMZ  986 Polymer moon clips for the above models are U.S. $134.50  (This includes shipping) for 10 RIMZ 986 moon clips shipped by FED EX International , this comes with a tracking number and guaranteed delivery.

I have suspended using GOVERNMENT POST OFFICE services to Europe during the coronavirus because they have become very unreliable, I send packages via POSTAL SERVICES and my customers never get the package, so I have chosen to use FED EX, which is NON-GOVERNMENT carrier and very reliable, but more expensive.

Fed Ex charges US $96.00 for a 30 gram package( 10 moon clips) from the USA to Europe

CANADA ( to just about anywhere in Canada)

Canada rates via FED EX for 10 moon clips, ( FED EX International Ground ) is US $40.00

Canada rates via US Postal Service ( Global Express Guaranteed ) US $67.00 3 to 4 day arrival time.

Canada rates via US Postal Service ( Priority Mail Express International ) US $45.00






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