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bullet Why did your company decide to make a plastic moon clip?
  • The founder of our company purchased a S&W 625 and was disappointed with the half-moon clips shipped with the revolver.  Mr. Beckham was doubly disappointed with the full-moon clips he purchased later and with the fact that an extra expense was required for the “essential tools” required to load and unload the metal clips He believed that having extra tools for loading and unloading cartridges into clips was also tedious.  With the RIMZ, anyone can shoot a box of ammo with only one clip and no extra tools.
bullet Are RIMZ just for competition revolvers?
  • No, they were originally developed for the casual shooter. However, RIMZ 625 have been used in IDPA, IPSC, Steel Challenge and ICORE competitions.
bullet What are the RIMZ 610 made of?
  • RIMZ are molded of advanced engineering hydrocarbon polymers.
bullet Are they durable and how long will they last?
  • Some units have been used in range and competitions have had 400+ rounds fired through them and are still going strong.  With care, they should perform with a useful life comparable to that of steel moon clips.  RIMZ 610 do not rust.
bullet Do RIMZ 610’s fit all S&W 10mm revolvers?
  • That is our intent.  However, if you find that the RIMZ 610 does not fit your revolver, please let us know immediately. 
bullet The cartridges seem to take more force to load and unload than the original RIMZ 625.
  • Yes, due to the requests of many of our customers, a stiffer material was selected for the RIMZ 610.  Unlike the original RIMZ, the RIMZ 610 can be custom tuned by the owner to allow as much or as little force of entry as required.
bullet Can the RIMZ 610 be handled just like the metal clips?
  • Once again due to the requests of a number of our customers, you can hang loaded RIMZ 610 on your pants pockets or edges of  moon clip holders.
bullet What happens if I drop a RIMZ 610 with loaded cartridges?
  • Typically, the cartridges will remain with the clip. 
bullet How many RIMZ will I need for competition?
  • Depending on the competition, between 4 and 12. 
bullet What special tools are required to load or unload cartridges?
  • No tools, only your fingers.
bullet Will existing moon clip holders work with RIMZ 610 ?

  Midway USA has a good moon clip holder that will work great with the RIMZ 610 moon clip.

Get the RED one........

Click on the photo of the RED moon clip holder to go to Midway USA







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