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 Maurice wrote:
I use them in a new S&W 22-4 and they seem to fit fine. I love the ease of installing and removing the .45s. I will get to the range soon and let you know.


Don wrote:
Again, I love the (RIMZ) ezmoonclips! I have MS and as part of my symptoms both my hands are numb.
Steel moon clips tortured me! Now with (RIMZ) EZMOONCLIPS I'm back in the game!

  • Phil wrote:
    Using RIMZ for my S&W 610-3.Quick setup&load-positive eject.

  • David wrote:
    Bought a smith& wesson 625 in 45acp and used Rimz, just great to use so easy to de-moon, In fact have just purchased smith& wesson 610 in 10mm/40s&w and ordered more Rimz in 40 cal.

    Steven wrote:
    Fast shipping and the moon clips work perfectly; much easier than the steel clips and worth every penny: Congrats on an excellent product

    Wayne wrote:
    Receive the clips yesterday, many thanks. Fast shipping and work great in my 625-8/JM.

    Bob Weinberg wrote:
    Through away those metal moon clips. RIMZ are the best you can get.

    Marv wrote:
    I was able to load 60 rounds of 45ACP in less than 5 minutes without breaking a sweat.I will make time for range next week.
    Thank you ,Thank you,Thank you

    Greg wrote:
    I have the steel clips
    which are bitch so before ordering a mooner and demooned ( I really cut down on reloading
    years ago ) I though I would try your clips even thought the internet has a lot of negative links
    about them not holding the 45 rounds tightly enough. Your video on dropping the full moon
    clip was the deciding factor and a post from a shooting champion that says he used them to win
    one or more shooting tournaments. If that post was on your website it would really help the
    negative info on your product out on the internet. So I thought I would order them to see for
    myself as I usually shoot a Glock 21( you can hammer nails, drop it in mud for a month and it
    will shoot always ) and I just happen to have alot of 45+ P ACP ammunition.

    Glen wrote:
    Very happy customer. love the product and amazingly fast shipping. Thanks a lot

    Wardo 88 wrote:
    This is a really great product, like them so much, I have ordered more! I can't imagine loading 30 6-round metal moon clips for my 625 at one sitting (even with a mooner tool). The learning curve is zip. Pop the new brass in, pop the spent brass out, nothing could be easier. Thanks.

    Wow! fast shipping, product works better than advertised. I have been shooting for over 40 years what a gem of a product, had a blast shooting a Smith model 22 all afternoon.

    Been a firearms instructor over 25 years, this is truly a innovation. I now can shoot my Smith model 22 without all the hassle. True innovation

    I strongly believe that this is one best products I have ever used in my life. It is reliable and long lasting. It is really easy to load the bullets. In fact I have found that it will last as long as a metal moon clip. Moreover the unnecessary wear and tear to our hands can be avoided. I have got only positive comments to make regarding this product. Also I would like to know whether your product is available in India.

    David wrote:
    I have owned a S&W .45 revolver for the last 40 years. The pain of the steel clips and the trouble of obtaining auto-rim brass has caused me to almost exclusively use my autos.

    I ordered 100 of the RIM Easy Moon plastic moon clips and cannot tell you how impressed I am . I now own three .45 revolvers to include a 25-2, 25-4 and a new 365 Nite Guard. The clips work perfectly in all weapons.

    The delivery was fast and the service of the device is above reproach.

    If there were more products and people like this company our country would be in a wonderful position economically.

    Thank you for your efforts and the great product.


    Charles wrote:
    How can I EXTOL the benefits of using your moon clips. They are the best thing I have ever seen............ I have simultaneously purchased some North Mountain Moon Clip holders and they fit them perfectly. I also passed this information along to Bud's gun shop in Kentucky who I purchase all of my firearms from.


    Steve wrote:
    I just got back from the range, it was the first time I used the Rimz 25 clips.
    This is the greatest invention since toilet paper.
    No sore fingers, and no tools were needed.
    I doubt I'll ever use steel clips again.
    Absolutely wonderful product.
    Thank you

    one eye joe wrote:
    Just finished my 1st range session with my (new to me) S&W 625-3. I have limited manual dexterity due to M.S., BUT I was able to load/unload my RIMZ with my fingers w/o a problem. What a GREAT PRODUCT ! !

    Just wanted to say thank you. Your product arrived faster than S&W oem (missing from my firearm’s purchase) replacement ones did. I head to the range tomorrow and can already tell your product far exceeds the manufactures in every capacity. Keep up the good work!!

    Alan wrote:
    im a happy customer, and my fingers are happy fingers.

    great product

    Tony wrote:
    Moon clips arrived safely today. Many thanks for the speedy response. I loaded up a couple and they are so much easier to use than the steel ones.
    They fit my old Webley VI fine

    John Meinhart wrote:
    Recieved moon clips they look great loaded them up what a snap.No more pieces of copper tubing to remove shells and sour fingers loading . Haven't shot them yet can't wait to try them in my S&W 625-6 Mountain Gun thanks for great service.

    Many thanks Denny i think your moon clips are the best and easiest clips i'v ever used ....thanks again. Ricky

    Denny, received the moon clips for my S&W Governor and they are fantastic! When I received the pistol I tried loading one of the enclosed metal clips and could not remove one of the rounds. It took Channellocks and a screwdriver and I bent the metal clip. I will never use those clips. The carbon fiber clips are fantastic. Thanks very much. Len



    I receive my moom clips and I will NEVER AGAIN use steel clips, yours are so easy to load/unload. I don't know why anybody would ever use any other moon clip after tyring or using yours. Good jub, aand thank you. Now can/will you make some two round clips for use in the Smith & Wesson Governor, si I can use mixed loads? Feel free to use my comments. Robert in Arizona.
    I am only one, and still I am one. I can't do everything, and still I can do something. What I can do, I should do, and what I should do, by the Grace of God, I will do!

    I just received 30 EZ MOON CLIPS in the mail , some engineer should get a medal for this.... I have a 625 S&W JM and these clips are like night and day compared to metal full moon clips. Thank you Charley D. Attitude is everything

    The moon clips I got from you ran flawlessly. Retention of loads? I was dropping loaded clips on benches to shush the nay-sayers. Reloads felt faster, but no data on that.

    Recieved the clips today, huge difference from the metal that came with
    my Governor. Took several minutes and a screwdriver to unload the
    metal clips and abouot 10 seconds to reload in the new clips.


    Your moonclips arrived yesterday..they fit my 1917 perfectly...and loaded all of them in a couple of minutes. Cant wait to try them out.

    I had also ordered some steel clips, which also arrived yesterday..they are very difficult to load ..and sharp..need to bang in the last round..and I bent one already.

    BTW I did establish that you can safely and accurately shoot the S&W 1917s (but not the Colts) without any clips, as the chambers are shouldered to keep the rounds loaded with the correct headspace..but of course a little slow to load and you have to remove the empty brass by hand.

    Thanks for your prompt service! David

    Got them. They load, feed, eject, and unload wonderfully.

    Can't wait to get to the range with my Colt 1917. Thanks for helping me get it back into action.


    Took my S&W to the range this morning to test your product.
    All I can say is, why didn't I find out about these sooner?
    No fuss, no muss, no bent clips, no injured fingers, 118 rounds down range in half an hour.
    Thanks for a great product.
    Oh, I mentioned them in a thread at AR15.com to a guy looking for clips for a .357 revolver.
    Don't know if you have them in that size, but it couldn't hurt to have him contact you.
    Thanks again for a great product. I will be getting more in time.


    I ordered 10 packages of your rimz a number of years ago. They are mostly used at a camp where I teach youth shooting for one month a year. These have gone through thousands of rounds with no problems (at least no problems caused by the product).
    The reason I ordered so many is that I expected them to be a consumable with breaking or wear. I have not had to open more than one package and have not had one break yet.
    The do the job well. Kids can use them and they last.


Hey Man, your Full Moon Clips are terrific.

I am a Lefty sans Righty so two-hand-ing stuff just aint my bag, you dig?

I have a special holster to hold the weapon with the cylinder swung out.

So, I was groovin' on how bitchen I can reload my 625JM lefty style and BAM,
it hits me.

It may be even easier to load and handle cartridges by the pair.

How supreme would it be to pack tighter ammo cans with 3rd moon clips made
your style.

I can get them in steel, but your plastic is just right for easy loading.

I don't think cut down full moons will work in all positions.

Consider how easy it might be to make some real ones.

I am certain that would piss off the other guys at North Mountain etc.

I don't compete or action shoot so three doubles to reload is no biggie.

Stripper clips have too much fumble factor and are not intended for acp

One third the price of a full moon is too much to ask for, but perhaps half
would be right?

Anyhow, I love your full moon product.

If not for it, I wouldn't have a revolver.

My automatic is a Glock 36 because I found a charging handle that mounts on
the back of the slide, else I wouldn't have an automatic.

I had to sell my Colt Officers because I couldn't rack it one handed. :(

Thanks for your time and I'm sure you have a winner there.

Nic. :)


Thank you mate, much appreciated. I LOVE the moonclips. I can't understand why anyone would want to use steel ones if they've had a chance to use yours. I can load, empty and reload your clips as fast as any pistol mag. Simply great.
I did notice one thing, when I rapid fired, and then demooned and reloaded the same clip, it was harder to get the rounds in the chamber. I'm assuming this is heat related and the moonclip just expanded a touch and thus it was slightly tight fit over the cylinder rob. Is this correct?I did a random test with another clip that had not been used for at least 10mins and it performed fine.
Anyway, I'm very happy with my purchase and you've got a vocal advocate in me.


Denny, Clips worked flawlessly. Have anyone who is trying to decide whether to order or not contact me for a very positive recommendation. Enjoyed working with you and appreciate your responsive attention. jimw

They arrived yesterday, and are terrific.  The metal ones are such a pain in the butt to use!  Thanks.


Got them today. They look and work great. I honestly would not have purchased another 45acp S&W if it wasn't for these clips!



Hey man, got the clips today. Wow are they easy to load and unload. Will get out to use em this weekend. So far I love them though. Loaded them up in a fraction of the time it took to load one metal one.

used the 25s at range today with SW 625-8.  all that was advertised and more   greatest thing since sliced bread! quick on-quick load-quick eject-quick de-moon.  feel free to use this as testimonial if you wish.

Larry F.


Received the moon clips, great product. Lot better than the metal moon clips. Started to buy a 70 dollar tool to load and unload the metal ones. Glad I didn't now. This is a lot easier to deal with.
I received the RIMZ moon clips today. I immediately went from the mailbox to my range box and popped in a .45 acp round. It was way to easy! I popped it out, and then back in just to make sure. Then I loaded 5 more. Then I unloaded them...and loaded them back in. Doubt set in for a split second. Could this be? This was going to change everything. I grabbed my governor and walked to my range. Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. Pulled out the blanks in seconds...reloaded....pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. Like you said...it was love once again. I can finally enjoy my governor. Except I get the feeling that my ammo budget is going to have to increase now.

Excellent product. I can't wait to share with everyone at the public range. Thank you.



Received the clips today. Thank you for the fast delivery. WOW what a difference. This gun was willed to me by a good friend. I received it with a bag of metal clips. One was loaded and for the life of me getting the bullets out of it was hard! That bag of clips is now in the garbage. Will be shooting this weekend. Your moon clips are so easy, thanks again!

Loaded up the 15 clips and went shooting this gun for the first time. They work great, very easy. My wife loves the gun and is pretty damn good with it.
I will probably purchase another 15 soon.
One question for you. Why did S&W chamber a revolver to use auto ammo?


I tell you - this is the best accessory I have ever purchased !! I am going to order soon another 35-50 and put it in my safe.

Thanks a lot. 



I am a Bullseye pistol shooter and have been using the RIMZ clips for at least 6 years.  They work GREAT for Bullseye! 


Hi Denny, just got your moon clips.
Only a word: FANTASTIC !!!!!!
Loading and unloading are now soft like butter!!!!
Thank you again, I will show your products to my gun seller for max visibility among 45 acp revolver lovers...
Have a nice day.

I received my clips and I am impressed with then, so much so that I will be using them at the Indiana state USPSA match (sept 11 thru 14th) and our monthly IDPA match (sept 6th). 
Do you plan on coming out with an 8 shot (38) version?

You are Spot-on …………….. just got these babies and did a few dry runs. Can’t wait to get to the range.

There are several other guys at the range with needle nose pliers in their hands and veins sticking out of their necks pissed off.

I will share your info with them.

Soooooo glad I didn’t buy the de-mooning tool.

Polymer is awesome.

                Should I direct them to your AOL account or ezmoonclip.com ???



I found your moon clips online and ordered the sample pack. Soon after they arrived, I took my 625-6 to the range and decided to give your product a test. I used a single RIMZ 25 clip and fired 450 rounds through my gun. I expected the clip to soften, distort, or loosen its grip. However, none of that happened. So far, the clip is impervious to wear, shock, and the heat of continuous firing. I highly recommend these clips to anyone who has been using metal moon clips. I can easily insert and remove cartridges with my fingers, and they stay attached. Congratulations on a fine product.


2 things your website was dead on accurate about:

FAST shipping – the clips arrived today

Polymer Moon Clips are so much BETTER than steel – it’s amazing how easy they are to Load/Unload

Can’t wait to go out to the range with them…

Thanks for one of the best online shopping experiences I’ve had since the dawn of e-commerce!


Denny  these clips are the BOSS!  Makes life so much easier and more pleasurable to shoot my 625-8.  

Downfall is you want to shoot much more than you usually do!  

Great product. Before I found these I used 45 auto rim in my Smith 625. These are great for range use vs steel moon clips.

Regards Skip



Hi Denny. The clips arrived yesterday, thanks for the quick shipping, I didn’t realize you were in Ohio too. I loaded up a few in the evening, absolutely what I was hoping for! Man these are wonderful to work with. I took some today to the indoor range and since I like to try combinations of different powders with my 45 loads I just grabbed from my reloads and snapped them into the clips and had no issues at all. This went very easy and was very easy on my fingers too. Later when I got home it was simple to remove them from the clips to prep for reloading again.

I would certainly recommend these to anyone who wants to have a good relationship with the use of moon clips, even using the tools with the metal ones they are fatiguing on the fingers and hands.
Thanks for a great product and I likely will pick up some more!


Hi Denny,

   I received the moon clips last Thursday.  They are great.  They hold the rounds tightly.  As tight as the TK Custom moon clips that cost twice as much.  I have been shooting USPSA and I am hoping they function well.  So far they hold every brand of brass tight.  Thanks!     (Scott)


The following comment from Bruce is in regard to the RIMZ 929 moon clips

Wow, what great service! They arrived today. And they are amazing. These moon clips solve all of the issues with the various non Remington and Winchester 38 super brass that simply would not be retained in the metal moon clips. The Rimz hold them perfectly and now I'm loving my S&W 38 Super like I'd hoped I would in the beginning. Thanks for making a really great alternative material product. Bruce

Just wanted you to know I have been using your moon clips around the ranch. They are flawless and much easier on my fingers. 

Tony R.


Denny – These moon clips are fantastic.  I have a Colt Model of 1917 (made in 1918) and they fit perfectly.  Any idea on the life expectancy on them?  I bought 30 as a starting point.  My metal ˝-moon clips broke or bent after a single use or two….Thanks for a great product….Matt




Recd my order today. They look great. Easy to load and unload. Fit my S&W 1917 fine. Can’t wait to try at the range. Glad I found them before I spent $90 on a fancy moon tool my buddy was pushing for me to get !  



The Rimz 25 worked perfectly with my Colt M1917 .45ACP. Easy to load and unload unlike metal clips. Denny was an absolute delight to deal with and took care of an issue with the USPS in way that was well above what anyone could expect. I only wish that Denny had more products to sell so that I could do more business with him.

Pete Gross



Hi Danny,
I purchased 10 of the RIMZ 929 moon clips around a year ago. (Or a little more) I wanted to let you know what I think of them...

I have used the Rimz clips almost exclusively for practice at my home range. I have basically used 8 of the 10 (that's what fits on my belt) for all my practice because they are so easy to use! Last year I fired 25,000 rounds, mostly using your product. This year (since January 1st) I am at around 6,000 rounds. Over 30,000 rounds so far !!!

I have 4 clips out of the 10 that are worn out. They tend to drop a round from time to time (usually when bumped) but work well enough that I keep using them. I will probably order 10 more at some point, because I like a product that works!

Please feel free to use this very positive feedback in your advertisements.
If you happen to have a T Shirt with your ad on it, I would be proud to wear it to my matches.
Thank you for an excellent product!

Keep up the great work!!

















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