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Why did your company decide to make a plastic moon clip?

The founder of our company, Scott Beckham, purchased a S&W 625 and was disappointed with the half-moon clips shipped with the revolver.  He was more than doubly disappointed with the full-moon clips and the demooning tool he purchased later.  He believed that having extra tools for loading and unloading cartridges into clips was tedious and time-consuming.  With the RIMZ, anyone can shoot a box of ammo with only one clip and no extra tools.


Are RIMZ just for competition revolvers?

No, they were originally developed for the casual shooter.  However, RIMZ 25 have been used successfully in IDPA, IPSC, Steel Challenge and ICORE competitions.


What are they made of and are they durable?

RIMZ are molded of advanced engineering hydrocarbon polymers.  Some units have been used in range and competition and have had 400+ rounds fired through them and are still going strong.


How long will they last?

With care, they should perform with a useful life comparable to that of steel moon clips.  RIMZ do not rust.  Unlike the metal moon clips, if a RIMZ is accidentally bent over on itself, the RIMZ will return to near normal shape and still be usable.



Can the RIMZ 25 be handled just like the metal clips?

To some extent they can.  However, hanging loaded RIMZ by one cartridge on your pockets or on the outside edges of your speedloader holder is not advised. 

Can the cartridges be loaded backwards in the RIMZ? Yes, there is a top and bottom, the top is recessed.



Will existing moon clip holders  work with RIMZ?

North Mountain Moon Clip Holder IDPA Single Long Post w/ Tek-Lok

Seems to work well with the RIMZ 25 moon clips

Just click on the picture and the link will take you to the Shootters Connection Website...........

A Special thanks to Brian for this tip on the moon clip holders.....




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