Ez Moon Clips  (WorldWide)


RIMZ 25 45 acp
RIMZ 625 45 acp
Sample Pack..45 acp
RIMZ 986.. 9 mm
RIMZ 929.. 9 mm
RIMZ 610...10mm
RIMZ 646..40 cal
929 Video
2 Round Moon Clip
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..easy moon clips.for revolvers .moon clip.45 acp..plastic moon clips,929 moon clips,10mm moon clips,986 moon clips,610 moon clips, 40 caliber moon clips.  




RIMZ moon clips only work with RIMLESS ammo!!

Attention: Ruger Super GP 100 in 9mm users: See RIMZ 929 in 9mm on left.

Attention: Ruger  Super Redhawk in 10mm. see RIMZ 610 on left.

Attention: RUGER GP 100 in 10 MM.......Please click on RIMZ 646 on the left..Also read S&W 40

Attention: TAURUS 692 in 9mm users. The RIMZ 986 will fit your gun perfectly, click RIMZ 986 on left..


  •  Photo above is a S&W 625-6 (45 ACP)   ( Large)"N" Frame Revolver with a 3" Barrel & RIMZ 625 moon clips


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If you don't have a computer or do not like doing business over the Internet, just call me and I will take

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RIMZ  Moon Clips by Beckham Products Design LLC

Made from space age hydrocarbon polymers

This moon clip will last as long as a metal moon clip and you will not wear out your fingers loading and unloading.

This  moonclip is used in IDPA, IPSC, Steel Challenge and ICORE competitions.